We are a group of management consultants committed to making a significant impact on the management and governance of civil society organisations and their funders.

We aim to make a substantial and sustainable improvement in the performance of these organisations by:

Over the last 25 years we have worked with more than 800 organisations and built a reputation for clarity and quality. We have worked with every type of civil society organisation and we focus particularly on:

All our assignments are tailor made to suit each client's circumstances.

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Building Outstanding Leadership Teams

Building Outstanding Leadership Teams

New research we have undertaken jointly with the Centre for Charity Effectiveness at Cass Business School has mapped in detail how leadership teams are structured, how members work as a team, what they do to invest in their development and to provide leadership across their organisations.

It goes on to identify the key drivers of outstanding leadership teams and identifies how charities should approach improving leadership team performance.

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Sunday Times recognition for our research

Sunday Times recognition for our research

The Sunday Times reported our findings into the workings of leadership teams of the UK's larger charities.

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Delivering Effective Governance - Insights from the boards of larger charities

Delivering Effective Governance

Excellent governance is now widely recognised as an essential ingredient of effective civil society organisations.

Delivering Effective Governance pinpoints what is most needed to provide it.

Boards and managers can use these findings to focus their efforts on the characteristics of governance that deliver results.

This report is essential reading for chairs, chief executives, board members and senior managers of organisations that want to further strengthen their governance.

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Sunday Times recognition for our research

Sunday Times recognition for our research

The Sunday Times reported our findings into the governance of large charities. The article highlighted our findings on the key drivers of effective governance.

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Updated board performance assessment

Board Performance Assessment

The Compass Partnership Board Self Assessment has been up-dated to make it consistent with the new Code of Governance for the voluntary sector. Tried and tested on a range of many organisations, the assessment covers how well the board is delivering key governance functions, performance of the board as a team, individual performance, the performance of committees and personal feedback from other board members


British Waterways has become Canals & Rivers Trust

British Waterway-Setting a New Course

The transformation of British Waterways into the Canals & Rivers Trust is now complete. This follows a report prepared in 2010 jointly with Compass Partnership, BWB Solicitors and THINK Consulting which set out the case for the move and proposed a new governance structure.




Australian Edition of Managing Without Profit

Managing Without Profit - Australian Edition

A new edition of Mike Hudson's bestselling book Managing Without Profit has been written for nonprofit organisations in Australia. Jointly developed with Australian consultant Lyla Rogan, the book describes Australian civil society, relates governance and management theory to Australian organisations and includes many new case studies from Australia.


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Welfare of the Armed Forces Community

Welfare of the Armed Forces Community

The Royal British Legion has published new research into the welfare of the neediest groups of current and ex-service people. The research conducted by Compass Partnership involved in-depth interviews with over 150 people including those who have been seriously injured, family members of those who have died and Ghurkhas who have been discharged.

It found that whilst most receive support from the services, charities and the NHS, there are significant gaps particularly in long term support both for service personnel and family members. There are important barriers to seeking support including pride and an assumption that other people may be more deserving of support.


Compass supports children's education in Vanuatu

Compass supports children's education in Vanuatu

Compass is supporting the education of secondary school children in the Pacific island state of Vanuatu. Mike Hudson and his wife Diana spent the summer of 2010 at St Patrick's College investigating how an independent school in the UK could develop its relationship with the college and provide voluntary support.

Since parents have to pay for secondary education in Vanuatu, they recommended that a bursary scheme be established to subsidise fees of bright and hard working children who would otherwise have to end their education. Over £10,000 has been raised for ten bursaries and the target is to increase this to 20.












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